Board & Train: While your dog plays, we train them one-on-one daily, focusing on issues such as basic obedience, household manners and socialization. We can customize any program for your specific needs. Follow-up private lessons are provided to ensure your family will be able to keep up with your dog’s new abilities.

Obedience: Obedience not only focuses on solid obedience skills, but we also focus on unwanted behavior, including but not limited to leash reactivity, jumping, mouthing, counter surfing, etc. This program is for dogs without aggression issues where you want your dog to have a very solid understanding of basic to advanced obedience. Basic focused on on-leash control while advance focused on on and off leash control

Personal Protection: Protection dogs are a specialized type of service dog. They are not police dogs. Rather, they are trained to stay with the person they are protecting, instead of chasing after a “bad guy” as a police dog would. Protection dogs are also loving family pets who would give their lives to protect their family. Check out some of our clients and their protection dogs.

Puppy Preschool and Junior Apprentice Program: Dogs and children can be great friends and having a dog can help children develop responsibility, kindness, understanding, and respect for living things. This is why we started a junior apprentice training program focused on kids aged 7-18. Limited spaces are available. Puppy preschool is a great pair with this program.

As a professional dog trainer, I have years of experience training dogs of all ages and breeds. I have had direct experience with a wide range of personality traits ranging from timorous to extreme aggression.

My training methods are fully supportive of positive reinforcement. I encourage anyone with a new puppy or dog to enroll in our training program. I love nothing more than when I see a dog walking gently next to their owner, rather than pulling and tripping. The socialization in classes prepares them for passing the CGC test if you so desire.

Training and control includes, but is not limited to, listening and behaving (with or without distractions): in your home, come on command, in the car/controlling when they get in or out, sit on command on/off leash, walking with you, down on command on/off leash, heel on & off leash quiet on command, waiting at the door, jumping issues, chewing/biting issues & digging issues

All of our clients learn on-leash control of their dog. We create and control distractions which set the platform for your dog to learn. We do a lot of work in public so dogs learn how to interact and socialize with other people and other dogs instead of just training at home where there’s little distraction and no interaction with anything. By nature dogs are pack animals, social creatures. Our dog training is attention-based and your dog will learn how to focus on your commands regardless of the distraction.

We also offer a Junior Apprenticeship Program which allows for youth owners (ages 7-17) to participate in training and learning alongside with their pet.

Training your dog when it is still a puppy is essential. When basic instruction is put in place early on basic requests become conditioned into your dogs everyday behavior. A bit of effort and investment upfront can help reduce years of stress for you and the dog later.

Often when people talk about training a dog, everything gets lumped into the same “catch all” category. For instance, it is assumed that socialization is part of obedience training. The two do go hand in hand, but are in fact separate issues. Others think of obedience training as something that you do to get the dog to “perform” so they it can do “tricks” In fact, obedience refers to you dog’s ability to follow the instructions of its handler. Ideally, you as the dog’s handler, should be able to request that your dog sit or lie down immediately when asked. That is an obedient dog. Basic obedience focuses on on-leash training while advanced obedience focuses on off-leash.