The World Canine Organization recognizes over 300 different breeds of dogs across the world. Deciding to bring a new puppy into your home and family is a large long-term commitment. It can be extremely difficult to know which dog is right for you and your lifestyle. Ensuring you are selecting the best breeder is just as crucial as ensuring you are selecting the right dog. We can offer peace of mind at Supreme Class K9 by providing both which are backed by customer testimonials and health guarantees.

Artificial Insemination:

Also known as AI, this is a term referring to the procedure of mating canines. It is where a stud’s semen is artificially introduced to the dam’s cervix to bring about gestation. This is a service offered by one of our experienced AI breeders. AI is a common technique in the breeding industry which increases conception rates while avoiding any potential health risks.

What to Expect With Our Puppies:

Enrichment & Socialization: Our puppies begin stimulation within the first 1-2 weeks after birth until placement. They are exposed to a variety of different textures, surfaces, sounds and scents. They are handled and worked with daily. They are surrounded with different ages and people to acclimate them to a family structure. Routine grooming and essential physical check (eyes, ears, nails, etc.) are maintenance regularly. We leverage the following enrichment methods: potty training, crate training, child socialization, scent introduction, sound stimulation and interaction with other dogs.

Health Guarantee: Our puppies are raised on top level feed. We take a keen focus on the puppies mental, social and emotional health. Our puppies receive at least 1 vet exam, deworming, vaccination and come with AKC (American Kennel Club) paperwork. We offer a lifetime health guarantee. Our guarantee covers unexpected genetic or chronic conditions with the refund in the form of a credit toward another dog from our program. In order for the guarantee to be effective the dog must see owner’s vet within 48 hours of pick up.

Our Studs:


Supreme Class King of Pride Rock, AKA Simba, is Red with a Black Mask Cane Corso. He was produced from Sire: Grand Champion CK Demos Professor ‘X’ and Dam: Force Pride Ornella. Born May 16, 2022. AKC and ICCF Registered.


The people’s Champ Supreme Cassius Clay AKA “Cash” is Gray & White with Fawn Marking. He is canine genetic tested as a Blue Tri Triple Carrier and produced some amazing Lilac pups. He was produced from Sire: The Great Pumba and Dam: Bo Santoso – Summer. Born November 4, 2018, Full AKC Registered.