from Norwich, Connecticut

Jill and Kevin

“From the moment of my initial contact Mac was very courteous, incredibly educated and well detailed in the steps to obtain my new companion. He answered all of my questions with complete transparency. I appreciated his honest answers and approach, and put his integrity before the sale. He delivered more than what I expected. He definitely has the nicest dogs I’ve seen in a long time. Our 9 hour drive was absolutely worth it! I would highly recommend Supreme Class K9.”

from Wooster, Ohio


Mac was absolutely wonderful to work with. We recently purchased a puppy and then came back for additional training on a board and stay. He is so well educated in his techniques and approach. You can tell he has a passion for this. He is very responsive and reliable. He kept us up to date on the progress and shared pictures and videos regularly. We were provided great documentation for our vet to continue his care. I have already referred many friends and family members to his services.”

from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


”We purchased a Cane Corso from an amateur breeder and 7 months later ended up with an overly aggressive dog with many behavioral and temperament issues. At our last effort before having to give him away, we took him to Mac at Supreme Class K9 to see if he could help correct some of the challenges our family was experiencing. After 10 weeks, this dog has an entirely different demeanor. He is loving, obedient and a true joy in our home. He is fully trained on leash and off leash. The things that used to set him off before are fully under control. We cannot thank Mac enough for his services.”

from Canton, Ohio


“Mac is the man! Nobody is better than him in the industry. High quality dogs with a high level of professionalism and competitive pricing.”

from Detroit, Michigan


“I cannot thank Mac enough! My pup is a perfect. He is well tempered and a great listener at such an early age. He has a great appetite and you can tell he was well cared for.”

from Strongsville, Ohio


”Our mini schnauzer, Oreo, is a god-send. She is spunky, funny, social and a perfect part of our family. We could not be more pleased with her or our entire experience with Mac at Supreme Class K9”