At Supreme Class K9 we are incredibly selective with our breedings and the frequency throughout the year. That said, our waiting list fills up quickly. If you are interested in a puppy from Supreme Class K9 in advance of a confirmed liter this is the perfect way to hold your place in line!

    The purpose of this worksheet is to allow for advance placement on our waiting list for upcoming liters. Deposits will not be accepted until a liter and pregnancy is confirmed. Please complete this questionnaire fully and completely for proper planning.

    Once you a liter is confirmed that matches your questionnaire criteria we will contact you immediately. At that point, a deposit of 10% will be required to reserve a puppy for you. As soon as payment is received we will send you a Puppy Starter Packet to prepare yourself and your home for your new addition to your family.

    Please answer each of the following questions:

    1. What breed of dog are you most interested in?

    2. Do you have a preferred color or markings you are seeking?

    3. All show quality pups are sold with full AKC registration. All pets are sold with limited AKC registration; which means if bred, no offspring can be registered and they cannot be shown in the conformation category at AKC shows. They can be shown in obedience or agility categories. Do you prefer full AKC registration or limited registration?

    4. What gender are you seeking?

    5. Would you be picking up the puppy or require transportation services? Transportation services will require a separate fee.

    6. If shipping via flight transportation what is the closest international airport near you? Please list two options:
    Option 1
    Option 2

    7. For the Schnauzer Puppies, are you looking for a cropped or uncropped ear?

    What qualities are most important to you? i.e., temperament, size, color, etc.

    How soon are you looking to purchase a puppy?

    This waiting list form is reviewed and accepted by:
    Seller: McNeal Thompson III, Owner & Operator of Supreme Class K9
    Seller Phone: 208-353-8752
    Seller Email: [email protected]