Note: All dogs must pass an interview prior to enrollment. With limited occupancy, we advise timely submission of this application to assure your reservation for all offered services.

    Are you interested in Doggy Daycare or Boarding?

    Extended Boarding

    Which option of boarding are you interested in?

    i.e., vacation coverage, more than 24 hours of care including overnight services. Includes socialization, daily walks, feed and care. A safe home away from home.
    Placement for an extended period of time (number of weeks TBD post Trainer consultation) to offer socialization, behavior modification and direct training services.

    Doggy Daycare

    How many days per week do you need daycare? (1-7 days a week)

    How many hours per day to you need?

    (5+ hours) Any start time throughout the day ending no later than 10pm EST covering 5+ hours but not to exceed 24 hours or will migrate into a boarding option.
    (up to 5 hours) Any start time throughout the day ending no later than 10pm EST covering only up to 5 hours of care.
    Intermittent boarding throughout the day offering a 1-3 hours of puppy socialization while you are at the office or running errands.
    Customize your own dog walking service schedule with some of our experienced dog handlers. Typically covers a 30 minute walk 3 times a week.

    Required Veterinarian Records

    Please upload or submit a hard copy of your current vaccines and fecal records from your Veterinarian.


    Please list any medications that your Dog is currently taking

    Nutrition – Owner Supplied

    We provide organic treats on occasion. Would you allow your dog to have these treats?





    Please explain any known allergies:


    How well does your dog socialize?

    Does your dog have a bit record?

    Does your dog resource guard with any of the following?

    Does your dog know any of the following basic commands?

    Would you be interested in any of our training services?

    YesNoMaybe Later

    Payment and Cancellation Policy

    A deposit is required to secure your reservation. 50% of the fee is collect to hold your place. The remaining 50% is due at the end of care. Cancelations up to 72 hours are fully refunded. If you cancel 48 hours prior to your reservation, 100% of your deposit will be credited to your account for future services or you can receive a refund in full minus a $50 late cancelation fee. A cancelation with less than 48 hours from your scheduled time and/or a no-show the day of your scheduled reservation will result in a forfeit of paid deposit.

    Agreeing Parties
    Seller: McNeal Thompson III, Owner & Operator of Supreme Class K9
    Seller Phone: 208-353-8752
    Seller Email: [email protected]